Most studies exploring the benefits of collagen supplements have focused on collagen's potential benefits for our skin.

In fact, in multiple quality studies, researchers found that taking collagen every day increased the hydration and elasticity of participants' skin, and decreased the depth and appearance of fine lines (1, 2). 

If you're like us, maybe you want to look into the range of studies behind the claim for yourself. In that case, we suggest checking out PubMed (the U.S. government's database of research articles). Try searching "collagen skin" to pull up some of the latest research supporting the use of collagen for that skin glow up.

At Healthful Seasons, we use this database all the time--it's one of our favorite resources for finding accurate and up-to-date information on women's health and wellness. That's because we always check for the quantity and quality of studies backing up supplements and ingredients before we ever consider adding them to our offerings. 


Does Research Support the Use of Collagen for Weight Loss?

Honestly, there haven't been enough studies to tell us for sure. The studies that are out there have way too small of samples or have only tested animals. And Healthful Seasons will NEVER claim a benefit that's not fully supported by research yet.

That's why our Best Collagen Peptides with Types I & III Collagen uniquely includes L-Carnitine in its formula for those customers looking for support with finding or maintaining a healthy weight.

Other major collagen companies do not include this amino acid in their formulas so their claims of supporting weight loss are often on shaky ground.

What's L-Carnitine?

In our bodies, L-Carnitine is the little “train” that transports fatty acids to the part of the cell that burns up fat to make energy: the mitochondria.

There is way more scientific evidence that supplementation of L-Carnitine may support weight loss than there is for typical collagen supplement blends (3).

That's not to say that collagen peptides shouldn't play an important role in a women's health routine. In addition to supporting healthy skin, collagen has loads of other potential benefits for women, too, including joint support and even hair and nail growth.

How to Lose Weight Healthfully

Health, happiness, and confidence is always the goal at Healthful Seasons.

That's why we recommend taking our Best Collagen Peptides with L-Carnitine alongside a healthy meal plan and exercise.

By far our favorite recommendation when starting a health and wellness journeys is working in more smoothies--we even developed a smoothie guide to help you make the most out of this easy meal.

Why smoothies?

Smoothies make it so easy (and delicious) to get in your daily recommended amount of fruits and veggies. Avocados, spinach, and even squash are all veggies that work great in smoothies!

Never had a veggie smoothie you actually enjoyed? Then we recommend giving our Green Monster Smoothie a go. It's creamy, perfectly sweet, and sure to win you over.

Two Friends Drinking Green Smoothies with Collagen

Lesser Known Benefits of Smoothies that Support a Healthy Lifestyle

Bonus--smoothies are the perfect vessel for our unflavored collagen peptides. Our favorite fruits pack smoothies with vitamin C which actually helps the body build collagen to support that healthy skin we were talking about (4, 5, 6).

In addition, smoothies are the easiest way to ensure that we spread out our protein intake evenly throughout the day to maximize healthy muscle gains. Some studies suggest that our bodies are only able to use 20-25 grams of protein per meal, so loading it all up into one meal is unlikely to be as beneficial as consuming healthy amounts of protein 3-4 times a day (7, 8).

Typical smoothie ingredients like Greek yogurt, nut butters, nuts, chia seeds, and even tofu are all great sources of protein. 

Lastly, it's super easy to get the health benefits you want out of this quick meal with the addition of smoothie enhancers. Need to destress from a long day? In addition to other health benefits, a smoothie enhancer with ashwagandha may help to reduce your cortisol level and find some much needed peace.

Looking for a mood boost or immunity support? Check out our Spirit of the Morning Spirit Enhancer--a unique antioxidant powerhouse fueled by acai, maca, lucuma, and banana.

Whatever your health goals--weight loss, muscle gain, improved mental health, lower anxiety levels, or healthier skin--with the right ingredients and supplements, smoothies can be your best friend.



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